HPC Cluster w/ CUDA for Education

I’m looking to update our Little Fe cluster with something a bit newer (meaning up to date w/ CUDA)

Seems time has come to just use SOCs systems like SuperMicro’s SuperServer E300-9D based systems.
What Nvidia cards mgiht fit in here or is there a better route… I prefer XEON based s.t. system “looks” most like a proper HPC cluster/supercomputer instead of Raspberry Pi on steroids.

A few of these boxes w/ CUDA would be a nice cluster/replacement for Little Fe.

Let me know thoughts/ideas.
Thanks in advance,

Have you considered using any of the Jetson platforms? TX1, TX2, or the latest Nano would seem great for this: https://developer.nvidia.com/buy-jetson.

Yes I looked at those but wanted to include a “server grade” CPU in the mix and make a cluster. The idea of the Litte Fe effort is that the system really looks like a super computer…
Multi-node, multi-core (x86-64) and GPU.