HPC Container Env Variables

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RTX 5000, x86-64 RHEL
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Question (MODULEPATH/PATH vars)
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Launch nvcr.io/nvidia/nvhpc:21.7-devel-cuda_multi-ubuntu20.04 and use VS Code to “Attach Visual Studio Code” using the the Docker Extension

When attaching via VS Code, I get the following error:

Lmod Warning: The environment MODULEPATH has been changed in unexpected ways.
Lmod is unable to use given MODULEPATH. It is using:
Please use “module use …” to change MODULEPATH instead.
Lmod has detected the following error: The following module(s) are unknown: “nvhpc-nompi” “hpcx-mt”
Please check the spelling or version number. Also try “module spider …”

This error only appears when attaching via VS Code to the HPC container. Other Nvidia containers to not produce this error. It appears that VS Code is modifying the PATH/MODULEPATH env vars somehow, so I was hoping to gain more insight into what the MODULEPATH is getting used for in this container vs. other Nvidia containers