HPC SDK C++ compiler on Windows 10?


This is my first post so please be gentle and don’t laugh.

I’m very excited by the idea of using ISO C++ 17 constructs directly since this really suits my use case of enabling an desktop applications with CUDA acceleration with light to no implications on the code and easy maintenance with little in the way of specialist knowledge necessary.

However I see that these are targeted on Linux platforms, whereas my application needs to deploy on the Windows 10 platform.

Is this something we are likely to see soon or is this completely off the radar?

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Hi Leigh,

No worries, we’re kind here.

While I can’t give a firm timeline as to when it will be available, the Window’s HPC SDK is in development and we’re hoping for release sometime mid next year.



I’m really touched by your kind response. That’s really good to know as I think it will avoid us expending a lot of effort solving a problem that may go away in due course.

I think then that I could try the HPC SDK on Linux for evaluation purposes for the moment.

Thank you so much again, I really appreciate it.


One thing you can try is using WSL. While we haven’t done much with it, nor officially support it, we’ve had at least one user that’s been able to install and run the HPC compilers on it. Granted WSL really is Linux, just running through a Windows App, it would make it so you don’t need to wait nor set-up a different system. See: WSL and PGI compiler works great!

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Brilliant, thank you very much.

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Is this some canned AI-generated question, answered at best very vaguely?
If you are indeed working on it, where, who are the alpha, beta testers ?
You report no progress along the way, so it tells the community nothing.
If the last reply to this topic was nine months ago, then it says to the community
NVIDIA purchased PGI with seeming intent to stall progress not advance it.
Please do not reply with any canned responses. Give specifics in a full blog post
why the stall in the Windows release. Otherwise stop wasting Windows users time
with ‘use WSL’ excuses.

I can assure that I am a genuine person, but I don’t work for nVidia.

I don’t work for you either. I think you should moderate your tone.

Hi Leigh,

I believe the users comments were directed at me, not you, but apologies for that. My first comment said that we’re kind here and I can assure you in that my 17 years of answering user forum posts, it is extremely rare for these types of posts. I can sympathize with this user since it can be frustrating that details on unreleased products can’t be shared publicly.

I hope you don’t feel unwelcome if you have additional questions in the future.



Hi Mat,

Lovely as ever, thank you, and very diplomatic as always.

I do feel welcome, but I’m on other projects right now.

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Hi there, any (planned) updates on Windows10?

Yes, our Windows HPC SDK is in development but unfortunately I have no details to share on when it will be available.

Thanks for your patience,

I wonder if there’s any progress can be revealed for now? Thanks.

Sorry no updates to report.