HPE Microserver Gen10 with ConnectX-3 EN NIC not working

I try to get a ConnectX-3 working in this HPE Server. All I get are eventlog messages form mlx4_bus telling me:

Native_2_0_0: Lost interrupt was detected, inserting DPC to process EQE.

EQE found on EQ index: 2

Number of ETH EQs: 2

Last consumer index: 0x5

What does this mean? The card is OK, works in a DELL PE R420 Server.

I am using the latest 5.50 WinOF Drivers. I saw that this Event Message was added with 5.40. I cannot downgrade to 5.35, because I am running Windows Server 2019.

Thank you!

Hi Rainer,

Do you have the part number of that ConnectX-3 HCA card?

What is the current FW? (You can use Mellanox MFT package to query it) Mellanox FW Tool: http://www.mellanox.com/page/mlxup_firmware_tool

Did you check that this card is supported with HPE Microserver Gen10?

Is the card inserted into a supported Gen/width slot?

Is the issue reproduced if you move the card to a different slot?

Have you tried a different HPE Microserver Gen10 server and does the issue reproduced?

What is the Windows version and build?

Are you running WinOF Driver version 5.50, 5.50.51000 or 5.50.52000?

Are you able to use/configure the card?

How often does this messages gets generated into the system log?

Does this message gets triggered upon running traffic, tests etc…

Where does this card connects to?