HTML5 & Web Workers & CUDA An idea

I was thinking since the new HTML 5 standard has Web Workers meaning that you can start a JavaScript thread and code. Why not NVIDIA does not take advantage of this feature and build WebCUDA.
This means that folding at home could engineer a web browser client. This client can be in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and with WebGL it can create a GUI since the worker won;t be in the way to prevent WebGL from working.

What does this mean in the future. TVs with the upcoming HTML 5 would have also browser with quite powerful GPU cards especially when the die goes down to 32nm or even less. Imagine a family running a web based client of Folding@Home while they watch a movie. Imagine how many millions of clusters can produce results.
Lets look at the future a bit and see the web based possibilities for just a few secs and if we disagree then its our right to erase it from our memories.


In other words Gosling should blow the dust away from his Interactive TV project…It is interesting that web created Java and that now both can create the Interactive TV…

Well there is an attempt :

You meant Ian Gosling? Can you give some references to the Interactive TV project? Looks pretty interesting…
I found one transcript in genesys page…But that was dated 1998…Is that the reason for the dust??

James Gosling.

Well there is not much to know, Sun;s interactive TV was a project in the mid 1990s which created Java but Sun did not realize the project.

Anyway my point of view is that since now JavaScript have moved from being interpreted to be compiled by the various engines that exist on the browser producing native code I was just wondering about a WebCUDA project.