http:1.1 403 forbidden

what is this error when download the NVIDIA cuda toolkit or even each file from
tell me that the server replies that you don’t have permission to download this file

are you a registered developer?

Did you log in as a registered developer first, before trying to download the file?

This is the error you will get if you have a link to a file that requires a developer login to download, and you have not logged in.

thanks , now i have registering , but now when i try to download NIDIA cuda toolkit using the IDM i get this error:
the web site sent a web page instead of a file when IDM request this file second time . probably this site uses temporary links and does not allow requesting the same address twice. Details: HTTP/1.1 403 forbidden

i try to download without IDM but i get this error :
the cuda-8.0.61_win10.exe download was interrupted.

i download the network version of NVIDIA cuda toolkit too . when i install this in download step i get this error:
NVIDIA installer cannot continue … unable to connect to NVIDIA. try again later

Sounds like you have internet connectivity issues.