Huawei E3276s-861 LTE-TDD USB Dongle not detected on TX1

I’ve been trying to set up LTE Connectivity to the TX1 with a 4G-LTE USB Dongle (Huawei E3276s-861) to no avail: The usb device is not detected by Jetson (lsusb shows nothing)

I tried the same dongle on a regular Ubuntu 16.04 laptop and it works (after usb_modeswitch).

Is there an LTE Dongle that has been confirmed to be working with the TX1 on European LTE Bands? (Band 1/3/7/8/38)?


If you run “dmesg --follow”, is there any output during insert/removal of the device?

No, there is no output.

Could it be a power issue? I’m using a 7-port USB 2.0 Hub that has a power input of 5V/2.5A that I’m not supplying i.e. the Hub is connected to the Jetson via a USB cable (AWM 2725 30V USB 2.0 from Cabletech).

Could it be an issue with the cable? I will try with a powered Hub.

Power could be an issue, but usually if power causes a USB device to shut down there will be a log note in dmesg. If there were already too much current draw, then there might not be a message as another device is added. A powered HUB is the best test since even if power is not at issue a new HUB would still be the next thing to try. If power was available, then at the moment of plugging in there should be a dmesg log acknowledging the device should signal quality and power both be sufficient.

Poor quality cables are always a problem for USB3, and sometimes for USB2. Too long of a cable length is more of an issue due to latencies which can’t be improved with signal quality (in which case a repeater would be needed…and a HUB is essentially a repeater with multiple ports).