Huge shared libraries size with PGI 17.10 on Debian Jessie

Dear PGI users and developers,

I am the developper of an open-source projet called TFEL that can be dowloaded here (to reproduce the issue):

This project uses standard C++11 on CPU.

I used the following options:

pgc++-fast  -Minline -Mipa -DNDEBUG  -DNO_RUNTIME_CHECK_BOUNDS -Kieee -std=c++11

I noticed that the shared libraries produced by PGI are much greater in size than the ones generated by the other compilers (icpc,clang or gcc). A typical example, 139Mo vs 12Mo.

Is there a specific option to reduce this size ? Compared to the other compilers, I did not see any option to treat the visibility of symbols, does it exists ?

Thank you for your help,

Thomas Helfer