Human Detection

Hello all,

I am working on using the Jetson Nano to perform the function of human detection. I have tried all of the pre-trained models provided in the Jetson Inference Github, and unfortunately, all are far from accurate. The number of false positives is way too many.

I have tried training my own model using the Re-train SSD guide, but I don’t know if I have the amount of data needed to create an accurate model.

Faster-RCNN-Inception-V2 was incredibly accurate; however, incredibly slow and does not run in TensorRT. Could someone please advise on any insight they have on how to get a quick and reliable human detection model up and running on Jetson Nano?



There are some pre-trained models available from our TAO toolkit.
Would you mind checking the document below?
It has listed the performance as well as the mAP score so you can pick one based on your requirement.


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