Human Emotion Analytics and Control for IOT


We would like to consider Tegra K1 or Tegra X1 for one of our design project. Please suggest which is best processor in terms of video analytics and less in cost.

Our application will be porting Amazon alexa (similar voice recognition system) + emotion analytics engine with and without cloud. Device will have 5MPixel camera connected.

We also like to know BSP support and source code of uboot, kernel and drivers available on evaluation board. Please show us an right path to get download these.


I don’t know if the K1 is suffficient for your purposes, but source code and BSP you ask about is free from here (you might need to create a free login):
…note that R21.5 is the most recent version for the K1, and that this includes kernel source and u-boot source.

The X1 has the same things available under its most recent R24.2.1:

Although I cannot answer the price and performance questions others could provide more information if you provide information on what camera frame rate you need and if you require video format conversions.