Human mesh-model generation

Hi, I would like to generate human-body mesh models (that can be ingested into OptiX for reflective ray tracing) given their postures, say represented as keypoints. Alternative, if I can find some sample of human body models with different postures, I hand craft their keypoints. Basically, I would like to find some sample pairs of human body mesh models and their postures as keypoints. I would like a variety of postures, but I do not require specific postures. The human bodies only need to resemble faceless but proportionally realistic full-body mannequins. Can you suggest any tools and/or repositories?

I am new to graphics and animations.


Hi user99334 and thank you for your interested in OptiX.
3D modelling and animation tools allow you to do what you’re describing, taking a mesh (of a human form), combining it with a “control skeleton” (your control points) and then the tool deforms the mesh based on the movement/pose of the skeleton. Attaching the skeleton to the mesh is usually referred to as “character rigging”. Web search this will get you to tutorials. As for actual tools you have many options; a free/open source one is Blender.
To get a mesh to work with, you could turn to one of the many websites hosting 3d models. Many of those sites even offer models that are already rigged for animation in file formats for the various modelling tools (including Blender).
The modelling tools allow you to export the meshes you create (of the various poses) to file formats amenable to rendering/visualization in OptiX. The programming examples in the OptiX SDK use a format called GLTF (with the vast majority of tools can export to).

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Welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums @user99334

And thank you Frank for your great suggestions!

I would like to add that if you are new to graphics and animation and you decide to work with Blender, another good companion to get you started on Raytracing would be NVIDIA Omniverse, especially Omniverse Create. Depending on what you want to achieve, this could be a bit more beginner friendly.

Thanks you both. Appreciate the suggestions.