Human Robotics Direct Physical Assistance

I am trying to use ROS and Isaac Sim to create simulation for assistive robotics to help people with disabilities.

For the following Unity Assets is there something similar in Nvidia Isaac Sim? If so, how can we best simulate it in a Nvidia Isaac Sim?

  1. Soft-tissue on human body with Softbody asset from Unity Asset Store, link: Obi Softbody | Physics | Unity Asset Store

  2. Fluid, link: Obi Fluid | Physics | Unity Asset Store

  3. Cloth for tasks involving garments, link: Obi Cloth | Physics | Unity Asset Store

  4. BioIK for articulated agents like human and robots, link: Bio IK | Animation Tools | Unity Asset Store

  5. Dotween for simplifying object oriented animation, link: DOTween (HOTween v2) | Animation Tools | Unity Asset Store

Thank you in advance!

Hi @kavi11 - I think you can convert all your Unity assets and bring them to Omniverse. Please refer this document: Asset Importer — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation.

thank you @rthaker!

The assets that I specified are all physics simulation assets.

How do we achieve soft-tissue/muscle simulation for human characters, fluid simulation, clothing simulation, rope simulation, and inverse kinematics in Omniverse or Isaac Sim?

Thank you so much!