HW clock stops working after upgrade to Jetpack 5.1.2

We have a Jetson Xavier NX that was running Jetpack 5.0.1 DP. On that version, there are 2 hwclock devices: /dev/rtc0 and /dev/rtc1. The hwclock program properly communicates with both devices for reading and writing, however /dev/rtc1 resets to 1970 on a power cycle.

After upgrading to Jetpack 5.1.2, /dev/rtc1 behaves the same way, but attempting to use hwclock with /dev/rtc0 and the --verbose option prints this error:

Trying to open: /dev/rtc0
No usable clock interface found.
hwclock: Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method.

We have reproduced this issue on 2 separate Jetson modules, and downgrading back to 5.0.1 DP does restore the hwclock functionality. Is there a way to get the hwclock working on Jetpack 5.1.2?

Does 5.1.3 make any difference?

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