HW decoding hevc is extremely slow on v100 (on amazon ec2)

I am having trouble using HW decoding of V100 on amazon ec2.

HW decoding gives 10 frames per minute, speed=0.000877x.
SW decoding gives 993 frames per second, speed=99.9x

I have tried all combinations of ffmpeg with:

-c:v hevc_cuvid 
-hwaccel nvdec 
-hwaccel cuda

GPU: NVIDIA Tesla V100-SXM2-16GB
Driver Version: 411.98
CUDA Version: 10.0

I will be able to send the video as PM for NVidia support.


Hi Tamir,
Can you confirm issue you see is specific to amazon ec2? Does it reproduce on a specific clip or any clip? Please send me exact reproduction steps so that I can have this reproduced internally.


Unfortunately I can’t confirm this issue is specific to ec2.

The problem is specific for a clip, I will send it to you by mail.
I did test it on my desktop with GTX 1080Ti and decoding works as expected on this clip.
My desktop is running windows 10, ec2 is running windows server 2016 datacenter.


Using EC2 V100 with Windows server 2019 and newest driver version solved the issue.
Thanks Mandar.