[HW] Design Checklist Discrepancies & Reset Behavior

Hi all,

I’m working on a carrier board design for the TX1 and have noticed several discrepancies between the “Design Checklist” (Section 16 of OEM Design Guidelines document) and the schematics for the nVidia development carrier board.

e.g. There is no pull up resistor on RESET_IN_L in the schematic, again the checklist notes that one is required. There are other discrepancies in this list too.

The reason I ask is that I am building in a watchdog IC that would pull RESET_IN_L or RESET_OUT_L low to reset the system on lost heartbeat from the TX1, and want to ensure correct behavior.


Hi jazza,

Are you using the latest OEM design guide? There is no request to pull up of RESET_IN_L in latest checklist.