HW encode/decode in docker

Hello @DaneLLL,

I tried both, Jcover’s ffmpeg and also one provided by you. Both can sucesfully decode video by:

    ffmpeg -c:v h264_nvmpi -i 1.mp4 -f null -
    ffmpeg -c:v h264_nvv4l2dec -i 1.mp4 -f null -

Problems come when I want to use them with rtsp stream in Zoneminder


I get following errors:

Error: Can't initialize nvrm channel
Error: Can't initialize nvrm channel
Couldn't create ddkvic Session: Cannot allocate memory
nvbuf_utils: Could not create Default NvBufferSession

I tried:

sudo nvpmodel -m 0 
sudo jetson_clocks

Suggested here, but it did not help.

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