hw video encoding support in a container?

According to this, the hw encoder is not supported in a container:

I mapped /dev/nvhost-msenc to a container and hw encoding (h264) is working for now.
Is it safe to do this, or there could be some issues?

Also, is there any plan to officially support the hw encoder in a container?


It is not supported in default releases, but you may customize the default release into your usecase. It should be fine if you can get valid h264 stream.

Currently there is no near plan to support this.

Thanks for the reply.

I would really appreciate if you can provide the reason, from a technical point, why it’s not supported and why there’s no plan to support this at the moment.


We are checking to support it in the future.

Before it is implemented and released, please refer to other users’ experiences.
Looks like nvhost-msenc has to be mapped at least. If you have hit new errors, please try to map other nvhost-*

Thanks for the information.
Please keep me posted on the hw encoder support plan.