HyperV W10 VM RTX20 series passthrough from W10 machine

Hello All,

I am trying to get my RTX 2070S GPU to show on HyperV W10 VM but I have not found any solution yet, is there please any information regarding this please? I am not quiet sure if this feature is available only to enterprise customers as I have heard that this feature is available on all supported GPUs with driver v465 and higher.

This VM is supposed to be a place for me and couple of people to perform some basic renders.
Any help is welcome!


Excuse me for this…but…does NVIDIA ever answer questions on this site???

If you would check other threads you would see that you get an answer if there is something we can do to help. But if you expect a response to a Geforce question for vGPU then you have a totally wrong expectation!