I, a beginner, desire to get started with DriveWorks and self-driving cars.

I am totally new to this platform. I have very little experience with CUDA as well. How do I get started with DriveWorks? What do I need to know before I can attempt to make a self-driving car?

Dear mashnoon.islam,

Please refer to below link material. Thanks.

First of all, thank you loads for replying a newbie!

Now, I apologize for using the wrong word. Instead of “platform”, it should have been “SDK”.

I want to get started with the SDK that I have been given access to. I am pretty much a beginner in this area.

I want to know how to develop code for autonomous driving on my Linux PC and use it for driving a car in a simulated environment.

I might be a beginner, but I have the curiosity and the energy to pull this off, hopefully!

Thanks again!