I accidentally pressed "remove current collection"

In the examples window, i accidentally pressed “remove current collection” now i have not been able to restore the demo file named “claire_solved_arkit.usd” it is missing from the available options. How do i locate this file again? I redownloaded audio2face to try and get everything back, and it was still missing, when i right click “audio2face” under ‘examples’ and choose ‘collect’ it fails and says ‘timeout’. As the image shows, the WARP files are still there, but the A2F files are gone. I am using a proxy, but it always worked before, and everything in the launcher loads, so i don’t think it’s an internet issue.

I tried importing it, and got 'unable to connect to server ‘omniverse://’. Please check your internet connection then try again.

I also searched my file explorer for “claire_solved_arkit.usd” and couldn’t find a match, this forum was my last option.

Is the claire_solved_arkit.usd necessary to get the livelink working? Is there a way to use the livelink although i am missing clair_solved_arkit.usd?

If you know of any potential solution, i would like to hear it, as i have not found much information on this issue.
Thank you.

@Josiahgil if you have set up a localhost nucleus server, you can probably look for it through the Content tab/window. i don’t have the app open in front of me, but it should be inside the NVIDIA folder and related A2F subfolder/directory

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It works now, thank you for your quick help!

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