I already fixed this issue, just an authority limit and no bother to reply me , thanks.


For Jetson TX2, and L4T version is 27.1, I open the vfio device through “make menuconfig”.

In “make menuconfig”, open VFIO_FRAMEWORK. Then I can see the /dev/vfio/ under TX2.

But, when I try to open the device through open(/dev/vfio/55, O_RDWR)), it failed.

The fail info is as below:
ERROR: vfio_create open /dev/vfio/55 failed
Aborted (core dumped)

How can I fix this issue?


I am not familiar with vfio, but there can be a number of reasons the file didn’t open. The “/dev” files are really an interface to a kernel driver and not a real file…permissions to the file itself may cause failure to open, plus other security related to the driver. You may want to add code to log the reason given from any errno or debug mentioning why the open failed.