I am looking for a dynamics simulation freelancer

Hello busy Omnivores! I am looking for a dynamics simulation help with my Natasha in Sci-fi Library project.

I have manually animated the lantern swinging. I think it would look much better made with dynamics. I can pay 50€ hourly fee. As you can see I have 2 shots there, in the later Natasha throws a lantern to a bookshell. It can be a simple cube object, I make that in the scene I send you. But I am in a hurry, this need to be done asap, like tomorrow wed deadline, today better!

not available as freelancer but I might help with the simulation :-)
For the lantern simulation during the animation, since the handle is a separate object moved by animation you can just do:

  1. right click on the handle - add → Physics-> RigidBody and colliders
  2. on the rigid body enable kinematic rigid body
  3. select the lantern - add → physics → rigid body and colliders
  4. select lantern and the handle
  5. create physics → spherical joint
  6. set the right axis and rotate the cone/move the cone to the right place

That should be it… for the throw you can set initial linear velocity and angular velocity to the lantern rigid body.

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This is cool! I try to do this :)
Thank you very much @AlesBorovicka

I got it this far:

I cannot see the cone to select the axis / move…
Please can you help?

Hmm not sure where the transformation gizmos for the handle/lantern are, you should see a transformation gizmo for the spherical joint.
What you can try is to select the handle/lantern in the opposite order then it would create the joint pose based on the second body.
This is how it should look like, the joint pose should be derived from the second selected body, here is a video with using cube and a cylinder, with also showing some debug visualization during runtime.


I learned it! Selecting in correct order was the trick.

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I managed to make the thow by using set initial linear velocity and angular velocity.

But how can I make it to bounce more realistic from the “wall” cube & from ground plane?

Sorry was on a vacation, you can assign physics materials to the colliders to change the restitution - bounce. You can change the default material, by creating a physics material (create->physics->material-> rigid body material) then assigning that material to the PhysicsScene.
Once that is done, that will be the default material, then you can create another one for the lamp collider and tweak the restitution.

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