I am not able to install target components on Jetson Xavier AGX

I am trying to install new Jetpack with all the components from a host machine to Jetson Xavier AGX. I am able to install Jetpack 5.1.1 successfully using manual connection of Type C USB. After installation the next step (step 03) is to install components like CUDA, OpenCV, TensorRT etc. When I try to install using USB, it says could not detect a board. I am stuck at this point. I tried three times but I am stuck at this point. I have to run YOLOv5 with Torch-TensorRT and openCV with Cuda. Please help me.


You can also use ethernet to install SDK components.
Is the network working on your Xavier after flashing?



Thanks for your suggestion. I think this is the only way to install components. I connected ethernet cable with host and target and assigned static IP and installed components successfully.


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