I am so excited for Omniverse XR

I am not sure which GTC talk it was, but one of the speakers felt like April 5th would be the day OVXR would be released. I am counting the minutes. Dying to see if OVXR can do all the things OG Omniverse can do.


Hey Terry!

We’re excited to get the first look at VR/AR into your hands. We’re working hard to button up the first beta release and we’ll help the community understand the best practices and how to use VR w/ Omniverse. This first release will have limited initial functionality as we roll it out in a measured manner. We don’t have exact date on this release, but we’re working on very soon!

We’re excited to get your feedback as we expect many improvements to this experience in coming releases.

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So as I mentioned before, I am terribly excited Omniverse XR. Enough so that I google “Nvidia Omniverse XR” at least once a day to see if anything new has happened. Today google spit out something new: Omniverse XR — Omniverse XR documentation (nvidia.com)

I was so excited clicking on the link. “At least I can read up on the documentation!” But alas, it just said COMING SOON.

Actually, I realized that the was some documentation links to the left side of the screen, if you are like me and want to see what is up.

I hadn’t seen the new documentation link, thanks for pointing it out!

Any update on Omniverse XR?

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So the NAB convention is the weekend and I know NVidia has a presence there… would be an awesome time to release Omniverse XR!

@terrygweems Beta released and I have tested a bunch of stuff with the VR part. Not sure how to setup CloudXR. Seems like it was automatic, just connect to the generated address, but didn’t see anyone on my iPad. Hopefully, some one will post getting that working.

I am confused! Omniverse XR has been released? If so, how do I get it? I don’t see it in the launcher. This is very exciting!

It’s not in the Library, look at the apps under Exchange.

I found it thanks!

Installed it, ran it, and opened a USD. And realized I’m gonna need a better GPU. Oh well, I was planning on it anyway.

Hey sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to open the VR demos? Omniverse XR Beta is just a blank canvas? Thanks!!