I am sometimes unable to receive pings, is there a solution?

I am developing using TX2i with Jetpack 4.6.2.

To verify the operation of Ethernet, we have created a shell script that sends a ping once per second and judges it as an error if no ping response is received three times in a row.

The following procedure is used to verify the operation.
(1) Connect another TX2i with a LAN cable
(2) Fix the IP addresses of the two TX2i units
(3) Run shell scripts
(4) Run continuously for 2~3 days

An error occurs when this operation is performed.

We used Wireshark to check if the ping was not being sent, and confirmed that it was being sent periodically.
Also, when we changed the TX2i that was receiving the pings to a Windows PC, the error no longer occurred.
Therefore, we believe that there may be a timing when pings cannot be received by TX2i.

Is this phenomenon due to the OS or Jetpack?
If anyone knows the cause, please let us know.

Thank you in advance.

Does it work if you connect the two devices to a router and ping each other? Looks like you connect the two devices directly through a cable. Not sure if you hit the issue if the two devices are in LAN through a router.


The phenomenon occurs when two devices are connected directly with a LAN cable.

However, when a router is connected between the two devices, the phenomenon does not occur.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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