I can not log into the SDKM

I get “incorrect email or password,” and yet can log into the developer site with the same email and password. Please help

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! Please see this topic for information on the SDKM.

Hi @wnamorgan,

Were you able to resolve your issue?

Hello Team,
I Signed up as the NVIDIA developer as I am working on Nvidia Xavier AGX dev kit, but I cannot log in SDK manager.
I have successfully verified the email link sent to the given email ID, but there it says, “User is not authorized on NVIDIA developer server.”
I also tried to raise this issue with NVIDIA support team, but I don’t have access there as well. Kindly assist.


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Hi @khachit.basetti

Are you running on the latest version of the SDKM?

Hi, I have the same problem and I’m running on the latest version of the SDKM

Hi @anawilliam850

Please package the folder ~/.nvsdkm and send that to me via a private message.