I can not reinstall the operating system

I have a Jetson AGX Xavier, the worker before me had put the operating system on the Jetson.
I want to reinstall the Jetson now. (I have a Ubuntu 20.04 / Windows 10)

  • On Windows 10, I have Ubuntu 18.04 using virtuelbox, there I had always made a mistake
  • On Ubuntu 20.04, I installed “sdkmanager”, but here “target operating system” is grayed out. Then I tried it via Docker I always get this error “error: Wrong device is detected. Please connect the correct device to continue (or select a different device in STEP 01).”

(when i type lsusb i get → “Bus 005 Device 008: ID 0955:7019 NVIDIA Corp. APX”)

Thanks for your help

There is no support for virtuabox and ubuntu 20.04.

Please find a dedicated x86 ubuntu 18.04 host.

FYI, the reason for no support of VMs is that they don’t handle USB correctly unless the user sets up correctly to always pass the Jetson in device mode to the VM. Each VM does this differently.

Hello WayneWWW and linuxdev,
Thanks to your help, I was able to reinstall the Jetson AGX Xavier.
Many greetings

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