I can not start the program "Connection failed "

Starting with the parameters Localhost port 22 and got the error “Connection failed”
I did as the manual http://docs.nvidia.com/linux-graphics-debugger/1.0/index.html
I use Ubuntu MATE 16.04
Screenshot => http://i.radikall.net/2016/07/25/Screenshotat2016-07-25233729.png
Understood needed ssh package…

are you able to connect to localhost via ssh from the commandline?
if not, you probably need to install the openssh-server

Yes thank you.
I suggested it to stackoverflow.
It remains to solve the problem with
“Find libGL.so.1 but it does not appear to be an Nvidia driver library.”
“NGD: Fatal Error: Cannot find any system GLX library.”

On my Laptop (XUbuntu 16.04, GTX 960M) I get the same error.
It is suggested to reinstall the driver with --no-glvnd-glx-client as argument for the .run executable.
On my laptop, installing the driver with this argument fails for some reason.