I can run cudnn samples in docker with root user, but failed with ordinary user?

I have one jetson NX with jetpack4.6. And install docker and docker runtimer container.
And I build a new image with an ordinary user from dockerfile, the command in dockerfile is below:

FROM l4t-base:r32.6.1:latest

RUN apt -y install sudo

RUN useradd -m ecbu && echo "ecbu:111111" | chpasswd && adduser ecbu sudo


WORKDIR /home/ecbu

USER ecbu

I install cudnn in container from new docker image, and run cudnn samples success with root user, but failed with ordinary user.The error is :

ERROR: cuda failure (no CUDA-capable device is detected) 

How do ordinary user can use GPU in docker?


You will need to add the account to the right group.
Please check the following for the details:


Thanks for your reply.
I will have a try.

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