I cannot edit sky shader

Check this out:

I have selected the correct shader but no matter what settings I tweak, I cannot change anything…


Check to see whether this is, in fact, the material being used by your sky sphere.

When you export UE4’s dynamic sky there are two materials involved, the base material and a material called MaterialInstanceDynamic(x). The dynamic material instance is the one actually assigned to the mesh. In UE4 the parameters are controlled by a blueprint. You can adjust them manually in Kit, just be aware that a lot of them are interdependent and you may not get the look you expect. Having a look at the UE4 blueprint may help in this regard.

So, two things you can do. Assign the base material to your mesh, or, if there was a certain look in the UE4 scene you exported that you wish to retain, edit MaterialInstanceDynamic.

Cool, I found the correct shader and was able to edit the colors.

This is very good night sky with moving clouds and stars above clouds…

However, if I drop this sky sphere to a new Machinima stage, I cannot make it right. See: