I cannot find the sample projects in the Mac OSX CUDA 5.5.28_mac_64 distribution

Dear all,

I’ve just installed the CUDA 5.5.28_mac_64 distribution on my MacBook Pro running OSX 10.8.5, and the installation seems to have proceeded fine. There is a /Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-5.5 folder, and after setting the environment variables I can call ‘nvcc’ from the command line.

However, I cannot find the ‘samples’ in the distribution. I’ve tried to restart the installer, to see if I missed an option along the way, but I could not find it.

Where should I look for it? Is it possible to download the example code separately?

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

Do you have an CUDA option in your System Preferences ? If not, you are like me and it seems that the new 5.28 package only includes the toolkit but not the driver and not the samples … I had to install previous 5.20 installation to get the samples and the driver.

Hi Roeland,

In CUDA 5.5 download page(https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads), there are two available installers for Mac.

  • “cuda_5.5.20_mac_64.pkg” for Mac 10.7 & 10.8;
  • “cuda-mac-5.5.28_10.9_64.pkg” for Mac 10.9;

I couldn’t reproduce this problem when I tried installing them on a MacBookPro(9,1)/OSX 10.8.5 system.

The “cuda-mac-5.5.28_10.9_64.pkg” installer was posted recently, could you please verify this issue with the new package?


Last package resolves this problem, thank you very much !