I cannot Install Tegra Android Development Pack

When I try to install tadp I got two error messages.


Note: There is no tadp-installLog.log file in the folder.


Note: I’ve tried to download and place tadp_vars.txt file manualy through given URL but it did not work.

Are there any solutions?

First sorry for the inconvenience that has taken to you.
For the II part, you mean that you cannot download the file http://developer.download.nvidia.com/devzone/devcenter/mobile/tadp200/017/tadp_vars.txt manually . And this is the problem that the installer cannot work. I doubt that something wrong in your network or your firewall has blocked this. Please check and relaunch the installer after your can get the URL successfully.
BTW, I find that you used an old version and we have TADP 3.0r4 and you can get the latest and enjoy it.

Best Wishes.