I cannot log in to ubuntu 18.04 within Jetson TX2

I cannot log in to ubuntu 18.04 within Jetson Jetson TX2.

I have not touched my TX2 for a month since it worked properly.
I use TX2 with carrier board J120 and mount it on my robot. And relasense was operated by ROS.

It does not move from the startup screen, as indicated by the following link In addition, the screen blinks.

The environment of my TX2 is as follows:

  • Jetpack 4.3
  • ubuntu18.04

If any information is insufficient, please point out it.


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! I am moving your topic to the Jetson TX2 category, as this section only supports our networking products.

Tom K


A quick way is directly reflash the board.

This case is the desktop failed to launch. But the system shall still be able to work.

Use ctrl + alt + F1~F6 can switch it to console.

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