I cann't get signals from I2S, who can help me?

I am using TX1 for audio, my kernel is R28.1. I cann’t watch signals from I2S0.

Did you get problem on customize carrier board? I can see the signal from the waveform from I2S0 by aplay.


I cann’t connect a codec, I just hope see the signal from I2S0.

Didn’t you see the signal from nvidia carrier board? If the problem is only show on customize carrier board you need to check what the HW different.

Hi ShaneCCC
I didn’t see the signal from nvidia carrier board.

Hi ShaneCCC
Can you help me?

Follow below topic to program the GPIO_PB.0 -GPIO_PB.3 to SFIO to check again. Also try to cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_gpio to check the CNF should not be set for the GPIO B group.