I can't connect to Nucleus Server

I’m trying to connect my friend to my Nucleus Server, but every time that he tries it keeps returning: “Failed to connect to the server.

We’re working at the same network and he is trying to connect with my IP. We have access to Omniverse Enterprise too, but, I don’t if it’s working on our Omniverse app.

If you’re trying to share your Nucleus Workstation you must enable sharing first.

Usage — Omniverse Nucleus documentation (nvidia.com)

Please follow these steps.

Also, make sure your users can ping your ip properly.

I do not understand your statement about having Omniverse Enterprise but don’t if it’s working on our Omniverse app.

Sorry, sometimes my brain bugs and I make this mistakes.

What I want to say is that we have access to Omniverse Enterprise, but we don’t know if Enterprise is working in our Omniverse Apps, because I read that for Nucleus Server collaboration to work it needs the Enterprise, and if Enterprise isn’t working maybe it could be the problem.

So, I tried the two options from the documentation.

Authentication and User Management

  • Create account and invite user: my friend can’t create a password. It says that the credentials are wrong or that the user doesn’t exist.

  • Register account: I don’t know what link am I suppose to send, but I saw at some videos that the user can access with my IP, but it says that it failed to connect to the server.

Do you have a Nucleus server running in docker? If you do, then that ip is the one needed, not yours.

What company are you with, so I can make sure we connect on the side.

I’m not using docker. Is it necessary?