I can't debug HLSL shaders; Shader List shows "Shader Debugger is not Available"

Hello, I’ve been struggling to get the Shader Debugger to work. I wrote a very simple program with D3D11 where I display a simple box, just to play around with NSight and get to know it. The program itself runs fine, but I cannot debug HLSL shaders. When I start the Graphics Debugger and capture a frame, if I click on the Shader List option on the menu, the Symbolic Status reads “Shader Debugger is not Available” for all my shaders and I cannot use break points nor watch variables. Also, I can only see the compiled shader bytecode instead of the original source code. I tried checking my NSight configuration options and re-compiling my shaders with debugging flags but to no avail. Can anybody kindly explain me what is the correct way to debug HLSL shaders? Or maybe there is something wrong with my configuration? I’m using NSight 4.0 in Visual Studio 2013. I am compiling my shaders with the built-in compiler in Visual Studio with the flags ‘/Zi /Od /Gfp’ and submiting them to my application using the D3DReadFromFile method. My GPU is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti.

Thanks in advance.


We currently do not support shader debugging on a Maxwell GPU (like the GTX 750 Ti), however, you can use the frame API debugger. We plan to support this in the future.