I can't debug the C/C++ attach to application by cuda-gdb

I want to use the nisight8.0 to debug the cuda kernel function. Since the original cuda programs are complied to the so document. I used C/C++ attach to application to load the ***.so. When I debug the program by cuda-gdb, an error occurred: Coalescing of the CUDA commands output is off. However, if I use the gdb to debug the program. There is no error, but I can’t debug the kernel function. Other general functions can be normally debuged. How can I solve this program.


  1. Can you describe the steps that trigger the error ? Are you operating in nsight or cuda-gdb ?

  2. Are you met this issue for all the sample, include sdk sample in the toolkit ?

  3. If this is specific app issue, can you provide ? If yes, I can send you details about how to upload.

Thanks !