I can't get the drivers I need installed

I use Ubuntu 20.04 as my operating system and FireFox as my web Browser.

I have a, G92 Geforce GTS 250 Graphic Card, which is using X.OrgXserver-Nouveau driver from xserver-xorg-video-nouveau(open source)

I’m having problems with the computer freezing up while the audio skips like a broken record.

I was sent this link to the drivers I need for my graphics card.


I used the “Run” function from the Download file, but they would not install.

I was then sent this link for further help.

Another person was having the same problem, but, on a different computer and graphics card.

He was given the advice:

Please use the ppa drivers, not the .run installer. Uninstall it first using --uninstall option, then install the ppa driver.”

I have no idea how to install “ppa driver.”

So they sent me to this link for help.

So, here I am.