I can't install any Nvidia driver after version 390.116 in my Debian 9.8 machine

Hi there!

Please, could anyone help me to figure out what is going on?

I’ve gotten some issues when try to install the Nvidia linux driver on a machine with Debian 9.8, specifically when I try to install any Nvidia driver higher than 390.116, either using the packages provided by Debian distribution or directly by Nvidia binaries.

As you can see, I’ve already reported a bug[1] but I haven’t gotten any feedback yet.

I would be glad for any help, thanks in advance!
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (159 KB)

I’m sorry, but this looks like a faked, reflashed Fermi which is only supported up until driver version 390.
While the gpu announces as GTX 960 (GM206) the audio controller tells the truth: NVIDIA Corporation GF116 (=GT(X) 55x)

Oh gosh, I didn’t realize that!

Thank you sooo much for your quick reply!