I can't install Drive100.1.6 and can't Add local Collaboration Service

I can’t install Drive100.1.6 and can’t Add local Collaboration Service.
I modified the time of different regions, but the server was not installed successfully.
I also installed WebServer in Win10 environment, but not yet.

Omniverse安装问题.rar (749.1 KB)

Because only one picture can be put here, so I put all the problem screenshots into a compressed package. Please see how to solve it, thank you!

I am having this same very problem - I also get “Cannot connect to the backend server”
even the create app that did install does not open - splash screen and then it freezes up

Are you have 2 installation issues - one for “Drive” and another for “Collaboration Service”? …or is it just the “Collaboration Service” install that is erroring, please?

Are you able to install Collaboration Service if you uninstall first, please?