I can't launch the Launcher

I click on Launcher, it prompts for email and password. Sometimes it would ask for email verification. It says successful, then launcher says ‘Error Cancelled’.

I uninstalled Omniverse, and deleted my OV directory, and still asks for endless log in loop.

has there been a change to your network/connection recently?

No. I don’t have a network, it’s just me. The error seems to indicate the Web Service that authenticates can’t launch. I get a Not Found error in the browser when it tries to redirect. I did install another app that might have upgraded some python libraries.

It is trying to redirect back to this URL:


And that lists as Not Found.

if inclined, you could upload the Launcher log; it may provide additional information for troubleshooting:


I tried setting Chrome as my default browser also, and same thing happens. I usually use Edge, and I put Edge back since chrome didn’t fix it.

Not sure what else to do.

launcher.log (1.3 MB)

and do you recall any recent changes to antivirus/windows defender/port? could you also confirm whether all the services are running in the OV system monitor on your end? it does look like there are issues with the tokens needed for authentication, so trying to see what went wrong since you didn’t have this problem before (that i know of)

I cleared my cache is the only thing I did. What services need to be running? I know how to check Windows Services, is that what you mean?

the two ways that i know of accessing the OV system monitor are:

I got it working. I rebooted my computer seemed to fix it. Now I know.

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