I can't upgrade my current configuration

I have a Dell 7920 runing Ubuntu 18.04.
I have a NVIDIA Quadro GV100, 32GB installed as CUDA 9.2
I am using this NVIDIA card to also drive my monitor.
During my original purchase the sales persons asked “Are you sure you don’t want a separate card for your monitor?” – I said No. I should have said Yes.
I can’t upgrade the Ubuntu OS to 19. or 20. or the NVIDIA card to 10. or 11. because the monitor is tied to the card.
I got a system upgrade that I allowed to start and it failed before completion so now I get an error on the CUDA.
I have a NVIDIA Geforce GT 1030 that I could dedicate to the monitor but will not work. It is using the same driver as the Quadro.
I would like to install a simple card that has the driver as part of the Ubuntu OS.
Does the Ubuntu OS have a monitor driver?
Is there a simple card I can buy that has an internal driver?
Is there a Non NVIDIA driver I can install that the Geforce GT 1030 would recognize?
Am I confused and not seeing the real issue?
Thank you and Peace,