I can't visualize the DS SDK documentation properly

When I visit
I cant scroll down enough to see the full text. IT scroll down the window but not the text.
I use chrome on jetson nx at 720p or 1080p with same result


Hi fpsychosis,

That might be browser compatible issue, it’s better to use the host PC to view the doc.

Problem still persists on https://docs.nvidia.com/metropolis/deepstream/dev-guide. Viewing on Windows (Chrome/FF/Edge/IE) all the same. Also Chromium on Ubuntu. Is there an alternative location/file?

It’s strange, please take a screenshot as reference.



I have attached the screenshot. You will note the scrollbar is at the bottom. This is FF in Win.

Thanks :)

Try disabling ublock origin for the page, @Nezakka

I find that extension breaks a fair amount of websites (It’s still a fantastic extension).

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I turned off all extensions and thought had the same issue; but it seems I did something wrong. Perhaps I forgot to clear the cache (Shift + Refresh)?

Anyway you are right - that plugin was the issue. Turning off uBlock Origin fixes the issue.

Sorry - this should have been obvious. Thanks for the help.