I compiled opencv 4.5 but did not update Python-Opencv

Hello Guys, I did all the processes to compile OpenCV 4.5 with CUDA processor support. as in the image below


But when I check which version is in python3 OpenCV presents the previous version 3.2.0


I already tried to update Python3-OpenCV, already recompile OpenCV 4.5. And it remains the same.

Do you have any idea what I can do ???

Best Regards

For more information, do you run this script to build/install OpenCV4.5.0?

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Thank you Danell.

Python3-opencv4.5.0 has been updated

This step is much better than the ones I followed to update opencv4.5.

Hi all,
Please follow this link provided by DaneLLL to compile OpenCV4.5

I tested on Xavier NX, JetPack4.6, passed both C++/Python.

BTW, NVIDIA L4T ML | NVIDIA NGC this docker image is a better and easy way to test OpenCV4.5 TF Pytorch and basic platform you want.

  • JetPack 4.6 (L4T R32.6.1)
    • l4t-ml:r32.6.1-py3
      • TensorFlow 1.15.5
      • PyTorch v1.9.0
      • torchvision v0.10.0
      • torchaudio v0.9.0
      • onnx 1.8.0
      • CuPy 9.2.0
      • numpy 1.19.5
      • numba 0.53.1
      • OpenCV 4.5.0 (with CUDA)
      • pandas 1.1.5
      • scipy 1.5.4
      • scikit-learn 0.23.2
      • JupyterLab 2.2.9

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