I don't see general discussion, so I'm posting this here. PCI passthrough frustrations

I’m frustrated with NVIDIAs decision to block “Professional” grade things on top tier gaming GPUS. In KVM and Vmware, you can hide virtualization, and the cards will work with PCI passthrough so it’s clearly not a hardware limitation. I just don’t get who is making or why this decision has been made. Like what company do you think is going to go buy gaming grade GPUS to do this virtualization for professional purposes. Beyond that, simple licensing agreements are usually enough to scare people away if thats your goal. There is no value in gimping your hobbyist community. Don’t support it, fine, but don’t actively move against it.

I’m about ready to just starting pinging people on linkedin. How else could you try to affect change? I don’t know how else you could reach out to decision makers. What team lead/vp/c level/sr manager etc made this call and why? It’s not like you can go through support.

The internet is smattered with these frustrations. It makes me mad there’s no way to have your voice heard in these companies especially when it seems like such an arbitrary decision.

More specifically, trying to get the driver working in an ubuntu guest under hyper-v is a complete pain