I feel like C# is basically being ignored by NVidia.

As a Windows developer who has happily moved away from cpp, and who has completely embraced the modern framework of C#…where are the samples, wrappers, or native C# code, from NVidia? If it exists, where is it? Anyone? Unity devs? Anyone?

NVIDIA doesn’t provide this for most languages.
The exception is C++.

There are no CUDA samples, wrappers, or native Fortran, Python, Java CUDA code from NVIDIA. (CUDA Fortran comes from PGI, which is a subsidiary of NVIDIA now, but CUDA Fortran has its origin at a time when PGI was a separate company. And CUDA Fortran is not part of the standard CUDA toolkit download).

Fortunately, CUDA has been designed and invested in by NVIDIA as a platform that other people can build on, so you will find extensions for many languages provided by others in the ecosystem, including C#. They just don’t happen to come directly from NVIDIA. For example, there is managedCuda and hybridizer.

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