I-frames not reporting

I am attempting to convert a series of YUV 420 images to H265 on a TX2. I have the basic mechanics working, I can take a file of YUV in and produce a file of H265 out. (This is roughly equivalent to the sample program.) Using the HEVCESBrowser tool I can parse the stream and find correctly an i-frame every 40 frames, which is what I requested.

However the metadata KeyFrame member and the v4l2_buffer flags both report a single i-frame at the start of the stream, and are always zero after this.

I want to know where the i-frames are so that I can make playback restartable.

Apart from parsing the stream is there any way of finding the i-frames?

Hi rbilling,
Do you run the MM API sample tegra_multimedia_api\samples\01_video_encode?

Yes, I have run it with --report-metadata set, and I see the same thing, a single i-frame at the start of the stream.

Hi rbilling,
Can you run with ‘-idri 5’ and check if IDR is present every 5 frames?

Thanks, that’s fixed it.