i get a License socket port receiver error when I run pgcc

when I run PGCC I get the following error,

License socket port receiver error -1, failing
socket: No error

i have isntalled pgcc on sfu “pgiws-sfu-721”.

the server is active and the pgc on my friends system, who has installed the same doesnot give this error, does not get this error, I had got this error earlier also, but then I reinstalled SFU and PGI it got solved. I got a new system this time and did a new installataion of PGI and SFU, and I am getting this error. please explain why this error and how to rectify it.

Hi Sudeep Mohan,

My best guess is that you didn’t regenerate your license for this new system. The license is for a single system so old licenses must first be deleted and then regenerated using the hostid from the new system. Information about moving licenses can be found at https://www.pgroup.com/support/install.htm#change_license.

If you need additional help or I’m incorrect about the error, please contact PGI Customer Service (trs@pgroup.com) and include your PGI PIN number. If you don’t know the PIN, look for the ‘VENDOR_STRING’ in your license.dat file. The PIN is the 6 digit number.

  • Mat