I get some black boxes in the menus of UE 5.2, when I install DLSS3

Black boxes appear in UE 5.2/y.2.1 and games packed with DLSS 3, in all menus and info boxes.

I use UNREAL version 5.2 and 5.2.1. They come out in both.
RTX 4070 GPU.
Controller 536.23
Windows 11 64-bit

windows 11 home
22H2 version
Installed on 02/18/2023
OS version 22621.1848
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22642.1000.0

When I remove the DLSS 3 plugins, the boxes disappear.

Thank you.

Hello @mamonje8, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums and thank you for posting this message here as well!

Some additional questions:

  • Do these rectangles only appear on the UE window or also outside the UE window?
  • Did you install the correct latest plugin package for Unreal 5.2?

My suspicion is still a Windows compositing engine issue, and the fact that disabling DLSS removes the effect is just coincidental.

Just to make sure, did you also install all the latest OS updates?

Have you checked if this is related to the old MPO issue? Check out our help article on the topic, even if it is from 2021.

Then the next step would be to do a clean re-install of the Graphics driver as well as of the Unreal Engine and see if that helps.

I just did a fresh installation myself of UE 5.2.1 and the DLSS 3 plugin on a system with Win 11 and a 4070 and I cannot reproduce this.


They only appear on UE windows.

I think so, that it is the correct package. I put the image of what I have installed.

If the latest versions of the operating system are installed.

Disable MPO, to test and still the same.

I have reinstalled everything, the graphic card drivers and the accessories. Eliminate UE and reinstall it from scratch.
Create a blank project and still the same.

Note: I do not speak English, I have translated this, I hope it is understood.

To better see the problem, I leave this video.


Problem solved, I found another user who had the same problem.
It has to do with GeForce Experience and it appears in games that have DLSS 3 as well. I uninstalled GeForce Experience and the boxes are gone.

Hi @mamonje8, thanks for the update and good to hear you can work without issues now!

Yes, everything looks completely normal from what you described and the translation is fine. And thank you for the video!

Hearing that there is an unwanted interaction with GeForce experience is worrying. Do you have a reference to this other user? With two developers with the same issue I would open an internal bug report for this since it definitely should work together flawlessly.


Could you please also share which version of GeForce Experience you had installed? The General Tab in Settings will have an “About” panel that shows that version number.


I do not know the version of GeForce Experience, because I have uninstalled it and it has not occurred to me to write it down. It had to be one of the last. Since I update it often.
The reference to the issue refers to video games, not Unreal. But that gave me the clue I needed.

One of the references to the problem I found here.

Question about weird gray box in the side of the screen.

I have installed GeForce Experience again, I get the boxes when activating “Performance Monitoring” I add the images of the option and the version.

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Thank you, very much appreciated!