I hava some questions abuto prime on OptiX6.5 SDK?

I use CMake to build my project.When I use #include <optix_prime/optix_primepp.h> header,I get some error.
[build] CMakeFiles/test.dir/optix_prime.cpp.o:in the function ‘optix::prime::ContextObj::~ContextObj()’��:

[build] /home/s/test/…/NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-6.5.0-linux64/include/optix_prime/optix_primepp.h:401:‘rtpContextDestroy’undefined references

[build] CMakeFiles/test.dir/optix_prime.cpp.o:in the function ‘optix::prime::BufferDescObj::~BufferDescObj()’:

[build] /home/s/baking_ao/…/NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-6.5.0-linux64/include/optix_prime/optix_primepp.h:461:‘rtpBufferDescDestroy’undefined references

sorr,I don‘t how to insert error informarion.
but shouldn’t that be what’s in the SDK?What could be the cause of these errors?cuda?or others?

Is that the same baking_ao project as in this thread?

If the OptiX Prime examples contained inside the OptiX SDK 6.5.0 are working, this is a problem with your own project and I cannot say what you’re doing with the given information.

That a function is undefined implies that you’re either not including the correct headers or not linking to the right libraries.
Since that seems to happen inside an *.o file under Linux given this file name CMakeFiles/test.dir/optix_prime.cpp.o, you’re probably missing the optix_prime library in your CMake target_link_libraries() setting.
Please compare your CMakeLists.txt to the ones inside the OptiX SDK with “prime” in the name.

Other than that, OptiX Prime is discontinued and not using the RT cores on RTX boards.
Please have a look at the recommendations inside the linked thread when targeting RTX hardware.